The Rae Kivitehas product range currently includes 32 different products. The products can be found in all major stores throughout Estonia. We export our products to Latvia and Finland. Rae Kivitehas is present on the Estonian market in the following categories of concrete products:

  • concrete paving stones
  • concrete curbs
  • concrete paving slabs
  • concrete paving stones
  • concrete columns
  • endpiece of a column

Values of Rae Quarry:

  • quality products based on customer needs
  • a satisfied customer, consumer and partner
  • motivated and highly trained staff
  • ethically and economically sustainable production

In the period from 26 November 2009 to 25 November 2010, a knowledge and skills development training project for the employees of OÜ Rae Kivitehehas was carried out with co-financing from the European Social Fund. The project was supported by the EAS Knowledge and Skills Development Support measure.

Rae Kivitehas products are based on the following factors and quality is guaranteed:

Products made only from certified materials

  • construction sand with a fraction 0-4mm
  • Finnish granite aggregates with a fraction of 2-8mm
  • cement CEM-l 42,5 R
  • plasticizer

Hydrogen-cement factor

  • modern Italian mixing system (equipment brand: Planetary mixer type 750, www.sicoma.it)
  • Water dilution system (equipment brand: Hydro-Mix VIII, www.hydronix.com).

Temperature of +30 C and humidity of 93% guaranteed in the pre-chamber.

  • steam generator (equipment brand: Flash 60, www.icicaldaie.com)

Fully automatic production line

  • In Tallinn, Suur-Sõjamäe (equipment brand: MEC-140 ELECTRO, www.mecmetal.fi)


  • we invest in training and skills development for our staff.
  • we carry out continuous checks on our products


  • we are constantly working for quality, the environment, safety, sustainable development and security of work and supply. We have certified our quality, environmental, energy and health and safety performance.
  • we carefully control the quality of the materials we use every day and ensure that our products are made with care.
  • sand and granite aggregates are stored indoors.
  • all products undergo regular quality checks before they are put on sale. Our products are CE marked (EVS EN 1338; EVS EN 1339; EVS EN 1340).

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