398 x 398 x 80 mm; 198 x 198 x 80 mm; 298 x 298 x 80 mm; 198 x 398 x 80 mm; 298 x 398 x 80 mm; 298 x 198 x 80 mm;


1m2 / 11,235pcs


grey, black, red, brown


8,544 m2 / 96 pcs / 1380 kg

Base dimensions

1200 x 1200 mm

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The 6-part Mosaic paving stone series includes six stones of different sizes. Set dimensions: 198×198 mm; 198×298 mm ; 198×398 mm; 298×298 mm; 298×398 mm; 398×398 mm height is 80 mm. The stones have a smooth surface profile and the edges have a high phase (5 mm). The 6-part Mosaic paving stone is suitable for street areas, squares and courtyards due to its durability and timeless appearance. The width of the spacer (distance spacer) is 2 mm. Stones are sold as a set.
The product comes in a wide range of colours. We offer grey, red, black, brown in stock paints, which we deliver quickly to the construction site. We offer yellow, blue, orange as available colours and their pricing and delivery time will be agreed with the buyer in advance when placing the order.

*VAT 22% is added to the price

*The pallet price of 14,00 €/piece + VAT 22% will be added to the product price.

*Repurchase of empty pallets within three (3) calendar months 8,00 €/piece.