Murukivi 80



240 x 160 x 80 mm




grey, black, red, brown


9,23 m2 / 240 pcs 1250kg

Base dimensions

1000 x 1200 mm

- +

The size of the pebble is 240×160 mm, height 80 mm. The stones have a smooth surface profile and the edges are bevelled (2×5 mm). Crushed stone provides an opportunity to maintain green space in parking areas (carrying capacity up to 24 tonnes). Positive features of crushed stone are that it helps to maintain soil functions and does not impede natural water circulation. It also improves the microclimate and acts as a filter. Crushed stone is a good choice for parking areas that need both the cushioning effect of grass and the driveability offered by concrete paving. In squares, parks, walkways, where the architect recommends the use of grass paving, this model is well suited for planned circulation corridors for heavy vehicles (garbage trucks, maintenance equipment, etc.). In these areas, foundations must be used with a load-bearing capacity corresponding to the maximum possible load.

Recommended installation sequence:

  1. Compacted substrate
    2. Geotextile if necessary
    3. Substrate – aggregate material
    4. Gravel or fine aggregate sand.
  2. Marble
  3. The rock lining can be filled with rock ash, a mixture of soil and sand or fine gravel. Grout-filled joints give the bridge a unique look and increase its water resistance.

The product comes in a wide range of colours and shapes. We offer grey, red, black, brown in stock paints, which we deliver quickly to the construction site. We offer yellow, blue, orange as available colours and their pricing and delivery time will be agreed with the buyer in advance when placing the order.

*VAT 2% is added to the price

*The pallet price of 14,00 €/piece + VAT 22% will be added to the product price.

*Repurchase of empty pallets within three (3) calendar months 8,00 €/piece.